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Welcome to my The Great Barrier Reef Resource Center!
Below I have added some cool video and access links for you to find content all over the web for this wonderful place.
Tourists by the thousands flock here every year, and I can see why!
There is just so much to do.
Well that is if you love the ocean and tropical living.
I know you are going to enjoy this!

Whitsunday Islands Accommodation

Nice and clear, isn't it?

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has it all. Beautiful sea life, tours, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, camping, cruises and more. There are many things to do while vacationing at the great barrier reef.

Come see the Whitsunday Islands, there are 74 islands in the heart of the great barrier reef. Go Island hopping in the Whitsundays and take in the beauty of the sunsets, there are so many ways to enjoy the Whitsunday Islands.

To find out more information about Australian vacations to the great barrier reef or if you are interested in finding out more about the coral reef itself visit

Welcome To Hervey Bay

Back in 1987, Hervey Bay was just a quiet coastal town… until an enterprising skipper swapped his usual fishing charter for a tourist trip to see the humpback whales. Today it`s called “the whale watch capital of the world”. This is the intro to ou…

Hamilton Island Queensland Australia

Hamilton Island Travel

This beautiful first class location offers all mod-cons and tops them up with plenty of luxury.

Hamilton also boasts a yacht club, golf club, amazing flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, coves and inlets.

So, why not take the time out and Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia. To find out more about Hamilton Island click the link today!

Hamilton Island Travel

Hayman Island Great Barrier Reef Australia

Hayman Island Holidays

World Class, Five-star and located perfectly amongst all its brother and sister Islands, Hayman is a honeymooners dream.

It is also the perfect Island for weddings, major functions and as a hideaway for many world celebrities.

For speedy access you can fly from Proserpine Airport, or if you want to relax and enjoy the closer views, then why not take the ferry.

Want to know more about Hayman Island then read more here today!

Holiday Hayman Island

Daydream Island Great Barrier Reef Australia

Daydream Island Reviews

Daydream Island yes, its dreamy that’s for sure and surrounded by clear blue waters that reflect the beauty of the Coral Sea.

An extra bonus: Daydream also offers its very own man-made lagoon just teaming with of tropical fish.

Would you like to know more? Yes? Follow the link below

Daydream Island Reviews

Lindeman Island Resort Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef Australia

Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia Lindeman Island Resort

Welcome to ‘Club Med’ on Lindeman Island. We all know that Club Med offers world class silver service, fantastic accommodation and is packed with action packed things to do.

This resort is set amongst in a world class environment and is an experience all of its own.

Find out more about Lindeman Island resort here today!

Lindeman Island Resort

Hook Island Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef

Hook Island Queensland Australia

Now we all heard the word Serenity -right? But, have you truly experienced it?

Hook Island will take your breath away. It’s absolutely beautiful. Also Hook offers fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving right from its shore. No need for a boat here!

To find out more about Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia Hook Island and what it has to offer just follow the link (Coming soon)

Hook Island Queensland

Hamilton Island Are You Ready?

The green turtle is common in Watamu Marine Park

Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to my article Funfilled Activities in Hamiton Island and thanks for hanging out once again on my blog about the Great Barrier Reef.

This place is really an ideal place for families and friends who are seeking adventure and a vacation of a lifetime!

The article below shows how great the place can be for different fun-filled and thrilling activities for tourists and locals. Give your self a break and relax, take time to breathe fresh air, smell the sweet ocean breeze, and enjoy the warmth of Australia.

Read the rest of the article Funfilled activities on Hamilton Island Here!

I hope you enjoyed my article The Great Barrier Reef Information Center and found all the links and content useful?

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