Daydream Island Resort and Spa Reviews

Daydream Island is all about the ocean,coral reef,blue waters and true relaxation. The island is encompassed by ocean and has 2 main swimming beaches with Mermaid beach in the north that is commonly used by folks who love to spark up the jet ski.

The resort here Daydream Island Resort and Spa also offers a truly wonderful range of swimming pools that are perfect for a dip and cooling down. There are pools located all over the island so there is no shortage of fresh water to cool down in. The pools are also great to jump in and wash the salt off after being in the ocean.

The Resort and Spa on Daydream could possibly be a dream come true for many vacationers as it is a multi award winning resort and is located just off Airlie beach on the Whitsunday coast.

It is also easily accessed by ferry from its southern town neighbor Shute Harbour.

This resort offers a world of fun, relaxation, adventure and romance so if that’s what your after then this place could be quite a good choice for you!

Book A Wedding Or Have A Conference!

This room that is available for bookings is quite popular and many choose it for informal weddings and formal dinners. There is also a wonderful private balcony that is perfect for a quite cocktail.

How To Get There?

You can fly into the Whitsundays via Proserpine airport and then take the shuttle bus to Shute harbour or Airlie Beach and then arrange the rest of your trip from there if you haven’t already booked ahead.

If you have booked ahead you will be lucky to know that there will be a guide provided to take you all the way to the resort.

Children Are Welcome On Daydream Island

Yes, children are very welcome on Daydream and there is loads of facilities to keep them entertained. Actually you probably won’t see them much as they will be off on a new adventure quite regularly. The kids club is a real bonus too and is definitely worth checking out.

This page hasn’t been designed to sell you Daydream Island, but it has been created to show you what it has to offer.

For more information please visit Daydream Island Reviews by clicking here today!

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