Hamilton Island Activities

Are you planning your next Hamilton Island Activities?

The green turtle is common in Watamu Marine Park

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Do you want it to be adventurous, fun and exciting? Indulge yourself with Tropical Island activities. Explore every corner of Hamilton Island and enjoy its pristine scenery. There are a number of ways to experience the true beauty of this majestic place.

Bush Walking- exploring the island by foot is an exceptional way to experience the resort, passages, trails and picnic spots.  This is the best activity for people who want to enjoy the view while getting fit.  The vast bush land exhibits a nice and relaxing sight. Discover hidden coves and secluded beaches, a great reward for a long walk.

Photo right: Imagine diving with one of these lovely creatures up close!

Sailing- From a sunny day trip on the reef to an evening of pure luxury yacht sailing, it is definitely the best way to feel extra special on a holiday getaway on this tranquil islands. Spoil yourself with the luxury of fine dining while cruising the waters of Hamilton Island. Witness the sunset along with family and friends and experience Hamilton Island, gateway to the Great Barrier reef.
Snorkeling- Want to experience marine life up close? Now is your time to explore under water wonders at its finest beauty. The Great Barrier Reef never fails to please a first time or even a frequent snorkeler.
Jet skiing- If rough water sports is your thing, Hamilton Island has one to offer. With its wide range waters, Hamilton Island can accommodate your sporting leisure  plus the extra touch of virgin nature around to please one’s eye.

Diving- Water sport leisure at Hamilton Islands doesn’t stop there. Let the Great Barrier Reef be your guide to under water fun! Be this your first time or not, the underwater views never fails to leave its visitors in awe.  Exceptionally preserved reef just makes one appreciate the beauty of nature. You will be carefully assisted by professional divers that will make you as comfortable as if you are walking on land.

These are just a few of over 40 different Hamilton Island Activities has to offer. Sure you can book for yourself a pre-planned holiday, but nothing beats the experience of both water and land tours that you organize yourself.

To access all the Hamilton Island Activities follow the link provided. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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