Animals That Live In The Great Barrier Reef

A Stingray awaits for its prey on the Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to Animals That Live In The Great Barrier Reef !  This reef truly is an amazing under water land and just teaming full of life!  Actually you find just as much above the ocean as there is below!

Australia has its very own unique wildlife that exists know where else on this Earth and everywhere you walk or travel if you keep you eyes peeled you will see something very new.

Many people flock to the reef in the Australian winter to experience an underwater Eco system like no other.  Sure there are thousands of beautiful reef systems that are splashed around the world.

But, animals that live on the Great Barrier Reef truly are unique and some of them can only be found just here!

What Are My Choices To See These Wonderful Creatures?

There are quite a lot actually.  It just depends on how adventurous you are?  Maybe you would like to learn to dive and get right amongst it!

Maybe you just want to snorkel and see amazing amounts of fish and sea life?

There are also other choices if you don’t like to get wet, or you feel that you are not a strong enough swimmer.  Some of the Island tours have glass boats. There is a private open air lagoon at one of the resort where you can see stingrays being fed, baby sharks and amazing amounts of fish.

Also the tour company Quicksilver can take you out to their platoon on the worldclass boat in pure luxury.  Once you arrive you can actually go below the see surface and view the reef and fish through glass windows!  Pretty cool ay?

What Animals Can I Expect To See Out On The Reef?

Starfish such as this can be seen regularly in shallow areas scattered accross the reef!There are literally thousands of different creature that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef.  Many of these are species from similar families.  Yes, there are over 1500 species of fish alone.

You will also see!

  • Starfish
  • Large and small fish
  • Dugongs
  • Dolphins
  • Porpoises
  • Whales
  • Sharks
  • Sea snails
  • Sea Slugs
  • Giant Clams
  • Lobsters and prawns and much more.

Truthfully this is just a small part of the list!  Remember that this area is also loaded full of tropical Island that have their very own national parks too!  Some of these national parks border famous resorts and you can even camp on them, but you will need a permit.

If you are looking for more information about the Great Barrier Reef then please click the link provided here to visit our Mother Website Great Barrier Reef Holidays