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Whitsunday Islands Accommodation

Nice and clear, isn't it?

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has it all. Beautiful sea life, tours, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, camping, cruises and more. There are many things to do while vacationing at the great barrier reef.

Come see the Whitsunday Islands, there are 74 islands in the heart of the great barrier reef. Go Island hopping in the Whitsundays and take in the beauty of the sunsets, there are so many ways to enjoy the Whitsunday Islands.

To find out more information about Australian vacations to the great barrier reef or if you are interested in finding out more about the coral reef itself visit

Welcome To Hervey Bay

Back in 1987, Hervey Bay was just a quiet coastal town… until an enterprising skipper swapped his usual fishing charter for a tourist trip to see the humpback whales. Today it`s called “the whale watch capital of the world”. This is the intro to ou…

Hamilton Island Queensland Australia

Hamilton Island Travel

This beautiful first class location offers all mod-cons and tops them up with plenty of luxury.

Hamilton also boasts a yacht club, golf club, amazing flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, coves and inlets.

So, why not take the time out and Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia. To find out more about Hamilton Island click the link today!

Hamilton Island Travel

Hayman Island Great Barrier Reef Australia

Hayman Island Holidays

World Class, Five-star and located perfectly amongst all its brother and sister Islands, Hayman is a honeymooners dream.

It is also the perfect Island for weddings, major functions and as a hideaway for many world celebrities.

For speedy access you can fly from Proserpine Airport, or if you want to relax and enjoy the closer views, then why not take the ferry.

Want to know more about Hayman Island then read more here today!

Holiday Hayman Island

Daydream Island Great Barrier Reef Australia

Daydream Island Reviews

Daydream Island yes, its dreamy that’s for sure and surrounded by clear blue waters that reflect the beauty of the Coral Sea.

An extra bonus: Daydream also offers its very own man-made lagoon just teaming with of tropical fish.

Would you like to know more? Yes? Follow the link below

Daydream Island Reviews

Lindeman Island Resort Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef Australia

Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia Lindeman Island Resort

Welcome to ‘Club Med’ on Lindeman Island. We all know that Club Med offers world class silver service, fantastic accommodation and is packed with action packed things to do.

This resort is set amongst in a world class environment and is an experience all of its own.

Find out more about Lindeman Island resort here today!

Lindeman Island Resort

Hook Island Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef

Hook Island Queensland Australia

Now we all heard the word Serenity -right? But, have you truly experienced it?

Hook Island will take your breath away. It’s absolutely beautiful. Also Hook offers fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving right from its shore. No need for a boat here!

To find out more about Holiday in the Whitsunday Coast Australia Hook Island and what it has to offer just follow the link (Coming soon)

Hook Island Queensland

Hamilton Island Are You Ready?

The green turtle is common in Watamu Marine Park

Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to my article Funfilled Activities in Hamiton Island and thanks for hanging out once again on my blog about the Great Barrier Reef.

This place is really an ideal place for families and friends who are seeking adventure and a vacation of a lifetime!

The article below shows how great the place can be for different fun-filled and thrilling activities for tourists and locals. Give your self a break and relax, take time to breathe fresh air, smell the sweet ocean breeze, and enjoy the warmth of Australia.

Read the rest of the article Funfilled activities on Hamilton Island Here!

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Accom Hervey Bay Queensland Australia

Welcome to my blog post “Accom Hervey Bay Queensland Australia!

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Accom Hervey Bay Queensland Australia.

2011 Whale Watching video guide, Hervey Bay Queensland Australia

Well one of the first Humpback whales has been spotted on its migration north off Queenslands east coast. Hervey Bay is known as Australias best whale watching locations. Here is a little video that we have put together that was shot late last season…


2011 Whale Watching video guide, Hervey Bay Queensland Australia

Well one of the first Humpback whales has been spotted on its migration north off Queenslands east coast. Hervey Bay is known as Australias best whale watching locations. Here is a little video that we have put together that was shot late last season…

Cairns Queensland Australia Extinction of the perfect getaway

‘The Great Barrier Reef will be over within 20 years or so.’

A reef in time: Are we heading for the sixth mass extinction?

Filmed as part of the 2011 Ideas Festival, Brisbane. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, is well recognised for its pivotal roles in supporting an abundance of marine life and Queensland’s tourism industry. Author, …

Below is a researched article of  the possible  Extinction: Cairns Great Barrier Reef of Australia:

I know everyone has there own say!  Unfortunately the video above and the article below provides quality information on this topic!  Are the reefs and the Great Barrier Reef in trouble from CLIMATE CHANGE?

Children born today could be the last generation to enjoy swimming among stunning coral reefs, marine scientists have said.

A meeting of leading wildlife experts – led by Sir David Attenborough – today warned that tropical reefs face ‘imminent destruction’ unless the world cuts the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

They say concentrations of CO2 have already gone beyond the tipping point for reefs – and need to return to the levels of the 1970s.

And Charlie Veron, former chief scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, has claimed that the Great Barrier Reef will be gone within 20 years.

Marine biologists say this does not just mean cutting greenhouse gas emissions – but finding a way to strip existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Coral reefs aren’t just beautiful to look at, they are the most important eco-systems of the seas.

The reefs are home to one million species of sea life and provide food and jobs for millions of people.

Reefs also protect coasts from storm damage, and attract millions of tourists. They also support a quarter of all the life in the seas.

However, coral reefs are highly sensitive to rising levels of carbon dioxide. Since the start of the  industrial revolution, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are thought to have gone up from around 280ppm (parts per million) to 387ppm today.

Higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere turn the seas more acid and dissolve coral.

They also trap more heat around the Earth, increasing sea temperatures and triggering mass ‘bleaching’ of coral.

Photo below: Tropical fish surround the coral reef, but for how long?

Since the 1980s, a fifth of the world’s coral reefs have been destroyed or damaged.

Marine scientists have warned that the world’s coral reefs could be wiped out before 2050 if carbon emissions continued at their present level.

Sir David , who chaired the meeting at the Royal Society, said: ‘Coral reef is the canary in the cage as far as the oceans of the world are concerned.

‘They are the places where the damage is most easily and perhaps most quickly seen.

‘They are a barometer of a malaise which is afflicting the ocean at large in which it is more difficult for us to see what is happening.’

He added: ‘Anybody who has had the privilege of diving along a coral reef will have seen the natural world at its most glorious and its most diverse and most beautiful and anybody who has done that would be appalled at the thought there was going to be damage, that the reefs should die and be covered with brown slime and turn to a gravel pit.’

The meeting, organised by the Zoological Society of London, looked at the latest evidence linking carbon dioxide emissions with the death of coral reefs.

At today’s concentrations of  387ppm, repeated cycles of coral death have sent most reefs into ‘serious decline’, the meeting heard.

World leaders are proposing to limit CO2 levels to 450ppm – the equivalent to a 2C rise in global temperatures –  to prevent catastrophic climate change.

However, the Royal Society meeting concluded that levels were already too high to protect the Cairns Queensland Australia.

A statement from the scientists said:  ‘Proposals to limit CO2 levels to 450ppm will not prevent the catastrophic loss of coral reefs from the combined effects  of climate change and ocean acidification.

‘To ensure long-term viability of coral reefs, atmospheric carbon dioxide level must be reduced significantly below 350ppm.

‘In addition to major reductions in CO2 emissions, achieving this safe level will require the active removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.’

The United Nation’s panel of climate change experts predicts that CO2 levels could reach 450ppm by 2030.

Dr Alex Rogers of the International Programme on the State of the Ocean, said;  ‘Children born now could be the last generation to experience coral reefs as we know them.’

Tipping point: Children today could be the last generation to swim among stunning coral reefs unless we cut the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

A couple having a perfect holiday trip @ Cairns Queensland Australia Great Barrier Reef

If you would like to know more about the Great Barrier Reef and Cairns Queensland Australia then please click the link provided and get directed straight to my website.